Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

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3 Easy Ways to Get Help

Resolving bank disputes for over 15 years

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3 Easy Ways to Get Help

We deal direct with your bank - Fighting for you

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3 Easy Ways to Get Help

Business and personal banking disputes Australia wide

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3 Easy Ways to Get Help

Unequalled experience in resolving bank disputes

Resolving Bank Disputes for Australians.

Over the last 15 years we have helped thousands of Australians from all states to resolve their bank dispute be it issues with home loans or business loans and we can help you.  Perhaps your bank has given you the run around and did not seem to listen to your bank complaint, you may have received a Demand to repay your debt, you may not be able to make your repayments and are experiencing hardship, your loan may have been cancelled, your bank appears to be getting ready to foreclosure on your loan,  the bank is ignoring your solicitor, your solicitor may not be experienced in certain areas of banking practice or you need help dealing with, preparing or lodging a matter with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

We have built a reputation by exposing banks behaving badly towards consumers and achieving positive outcomes for consumers with a bank complaint.  See our testimonial page that showcases a diverse range of business and individual matters resolved by us. We achieve these results because we have specialised skills and many years of experience to help provide you an effective strong position to negotiate the best result.  Importantly we cannot be compromised. We are known for our achievements in resolving bank disputes and we believe no other organisation can claim to have our experience in obtaining results for such diverse matters.

We understand the stress a dispute with bank or bank staff can cause. Our media page shows how we have exposed most major banks and even the Financial Ombudsman Service doing the wrong thing by consumers. Most importantly it shows real people for whom we have obtained exceptional outcomes. When you engage us you are armed with our many years of experience and expertise in obtaining results that we believe no other organising can claim to have. Our reputation is built on our successful outcomes and we can help you as we have proudly helped many people around Australia to resolve their bank dispute enabling them to get on with their business and their lives.

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    Wendy Murray

    Senior Manager
  • bruce

    Bruce Ford


"We first heard about Dispute Assist on ABC 7.30 Report about financial advice and aggressive lending.  We are in our 70’s and the programme seemed…"

Pensioners - WA


"Anybody with a problem with a Bank would be well advised to speak to Bruce Ford before taking any action."

Don Greyson - WA


"I would highly recommend Dispute Assist to anyone needing to deal with a complex bank dispute that requires specialist skill and knowledge in how best…"

Natasha - Australia


"Fortunately your knowledge of the banking system, combined with your great letter writing and persistent attitude, ensured that we got the outcome we required. We…"

Justin and Erika L - NSW


"I did not have to talk to the bank, Wendy at Dispute Assist, took care of this all."

Consulting Company - Australia


"My wife is a solicitor and duly checked out the background of Dispute Assist and was satisfied that it appeared to do as it stated."

Supermarket Proprietor - Australia


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