Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

"I’d also heard from people having disputes with banks that they were unsatisfied with the way the Ombudsman for Financial Services dealt with matters. With…"

Ombudsman for Financial Services – Testimonial – A & A Frost - NSW


"I would recommend Dispute Assist to anyone needing help in a financial dispute with a bank."

Testimonial – Rani Franjic -


"My bankruptcy consulting service attracts enquiry from all over Australia from people in all walks of life."

Fred Appleton - NSW


"They provided us with the tools to fight back and we are happy to say that as a result we are still operating today. Without…"

Kevin G. Smith - Queensland


"Anybody with a problem with a Bank would be well advised to speak to Bruce Ford before taking any action."

Don Greyson - WA


"A word of advice, if you are having trouble with your bank, do not, because of self pride, or worse still, stupidly thinking that you…"

Richard Cooper - SA


"Meeting Bruce and Wendy changed my life for the better. People experiencing bank problems are linked together from the same fear - that is going…"

Robert Coddington - NSW


"I cannot thank Bruce enough for his advise. His knowledge over the banking / finance industry is unsurpassed and his advise on how we should…"

Danielle Petrovski - NSW


"I have great pleasure to recommend the services and expertise of Bruce Ford and Wendy Murray in unravelling the complex logistics associated with transactions relating…"

Lana McLean (Educational Consultant/Agent) - VIC