Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

  • Australian Financial Complaints Authority - AFCA

    Wendy Murray

    Senior Manager
  • Bruce Ford


We are experts in examining consumer bank disputes.

We know how the banks operate internally and with our knowledge of inside information, we can provide you with help tailored to your individual case, such as:

  • Deal with the bank and others on your behalf taking the burden off you.
  • Research your file and ascertain any irregularities.
  • Negotiate for you helping to bring your bank dispute to a resolve.
  • Provide critical information to use in negotiating to resolve your dispute with your bank/others.
  • Assess if your bank is withholding documents or information from you.
  • Help to obtain all documents that must be produced in discovery.
  • Work with your lawyer.
  • Provide alternative solutions to consider going forward.
  • Problem solving for your dispute having consideration to your dispute from a global perspective.
  • Help you to consider the facts and make informed decisions in order that you can endeavour to avoid excessive costs eg. legal fees.
  • Essential information you need to consider before making life changing decisions.

We Do Not

  • Provide legal advice or financial advice.

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