About Us

Bruce Ford of Dispute Assist

  • We are not funded by any banks
  • We are independent of the banks and the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • We cannot be compromised
  • Our experience emanates from people who have worked for major Australian¬†Banks and from extensive work with people and their legal teams addressing¬†improper banking practice
  • We have unique knowledge of internal banking procedures that allows us to assist you and your solicitor to thoroughly assess your matter
  • We have highly skilled knowledge of the Banks internal accounting systems which enables us to provide evaluation and unique insight into the way your bank is treating you and your bank account
  • We assess details that solicitors are not expected to address and usually do not understand until we explain the processes involved. Mr Bruce Ford, from Dispute Assist P/L, is recognised Australia wide for his efforts and expertise in assisting people with banking disputes.

What We Do

  • Research all your dealings with your bank
  • Research and check the accuracy of your account/s conducted with your bank
  • Assess if your bank maybe withholding certain details of your account from you
  • Assess whether your bank has re-classed your loan
  • Assist people to consider information for practical alternatives in resolving their situation
  • Provide you details of previous case studies to help you learn from and avoid the mistakes of others in similar circumstances
  • Offer information that assists you to consider the facts properly so you can endeavor to avoid excessive legal bills during your dispute
  • Present options which other people have experienced

We Do Not

  • Provide legal advice
  • Provide financial advice

Important: Information You Should Know

If you have a bank dispute or bank complaint with your bank, we can equip you with inside knowledge of what the banks don't tell you. Our experience and research shows customers involved in bank disputes are rarely provided critical information of internal banking procedures which some banks deliberately withhold from customers. Most solicitors are not privy to all internal banking procedures and therefore unable to thoroughly address these areas for you without the relevant information. We can provide you the information that will assist you to seek access to internal documents that will enable you and your legal team to make an informed assessment to enable you to proceed and take the correct course of action. In addition this information will assist you in preparation of taking your matter to the Banking Industry Ombudsman or any mediation.

Most importantly if the matter proceeds to court, as many people will confirm, our information is essential to enable you and your solicitor to understand and prepare critical aspects of your case that otherwise may not be apparent to you and your legal team.

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