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AFCA dispute – Testimonial by Tony from Victoria

‘We have had a very difficult time disputing with a financial institution through the Financial Ombudsman Service [Now AFCA]. Initially we were dealing with the FOS alone and was writing responses on our own, at times we were left feeling helpless and frustrated. The dispute has caused us huge stresses and has taken a lot of time out of our daily lives. We were also at the brink of losing our case.

Initially we have consulted solicitors, however we felt they are more of generalists, most of them don’t have enough experience or expertise in dispute matters with FSPs.

After further research, I came across Dispute Assist, I have read news articles featuring them giving expert views on dispute matters and read their clients’ testimonials, and I felt they are the specialists I have been really looking for.

I have contacted Dispute Assist and spoken to Wendy, she is very wise, sharp and was able to quickly and objectively assess the merits of our claim. She offered us a fee structure that’s reasonable and then started working on our file straightaway.

Throughout the process of working with Wendy, we particularly had the following impressions:

  • Wendy was understanding and sympathetic of our situation which made us feeling at ease when dealing with her.
  • Wendy was able to condense large amount of information and make a clear concise argument.
  • She strengthened the argument with her in depth knowledge of relevant regulations and the law.
  • Wendy was always very responsive when we needed to discuss about our matter.
  • Wendy has made our lives much easier as the point of contact in dealing with the FOS and has left us feeling supported.

In summary, we are very impressed with Dispute Assist’s wealth of experience, their reliability and professionalism. Wendy’s involvement has since helped us to put our case forward in a much better and clearer position in order to have the best and fairest outcome possible.

Dispute Assist service is invaluable if you have a bank dispute. Having experienced their service first hand, I would highly recommend Dispute Assist to anyone who are seeking the much needed professional help at the critical time of dealing with the FOS or financial institutions.’

Tony – VIC



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