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Banking Complaint – Testimonial of Allan from South Australia

Banking Complaint – Testimonial of Allan from South Australia

We were in trouble with the bank, a failed business venture, about to lose our house once owned, out of time and stressed to the max. We called Dispute Assist, not that they could change the situation or even give us a miracle solution to our dilemma.

What Wendy Murray did give us was time to step back and consider options. A frank opinion on our perception of the situation and most importantly a professional deputation in dealing with the bank’s officer’s.

In the end we settled with the bank, we believe under the best terms we could get thanks to Wendy. We have moved on and the stress levels are reducing every day.

Most people that get into financial trouble have been brave enough to attempt a business venture, sometimes these don’t work out for a variety of reasons, if this is the situation you find yourself in today be brave enough now to call Dispute Assist, they can help.

Allan, South Australia, March 2016.

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