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Bruce Ford came recommended to me from the internal legal team of a large bank.  I was told they learned a lot from dealing with Bruce and no one could put anything over him.

After I spoke to Bruce Ford, I formed the view he knew exactly what he was talking about so I had no issue in engaging him immediately.

I’m aware that some people start legal action against banks then hit a brick wall, then turn to Bruce Ford to try and sort things out after they had reached a stalemate.  My thoughts were to get Bruce Ford involved right from the start of my dispute as we needed to expose a lot of information from the bank to support my dispute.  It was only Bruce Ford’s knowledge of the system and the internal workings and the corporate behavior of banks that enabled us to expose the information we needed to show how the bank had been dishonest in altering my financial position on loan application documents.

I have now engaged solicitors and believe we have a solid case and it is only the work Bruce Ford has put in and the information Bruce has been able to expose that has allowed us to get to this position. My lawyer even said to me that with the information Bruce Ford has exposed from the Bank they now have nowhere to go, except to settle.

My advice to anyone would be to get Bruce Ford involved in the beginning before you and your solicitor start any action.  The money that Bruce Ford will cost will easily be saved in the over all cost because you will not end up on the legal merry go round trying to expose information.

The bank does not ignore Bruce Ford as they are fully aware how ugly that practice can become for them.

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