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Complaint of Bank

Complaint of Bank – Testimonial of Rob Antill

Complaint of Bank – Testimonial of Rob Antill

Wendy Murray has given us back our lives and I’m very pleased to write a few words in support of the services and professionalism offered to us by Dispute Assist.

Wendy was able to negotiate with NAB the “exit of our relationship”. Our long term relationship over 40 years meant nothing to the bank. Our accounts were operating from the business banking center in Newcastle however NAB sent our file to Melbourne for review isolating us completely.

Following the banks decision to pursue a legal solution, we also engaged lawyers who were of assistance but getting us nowhere and I am sure without Wendy’s involvement our Lawyers would never have been able to come to the full and final settlement figure Wendy was able to negotiated and instead we would have been forced into total bankruptcy.

Wendy took on our bankers lawyers and negotiated a result we could comply with. I don’t think any of our family will ever get over the way our bankers and their agents carried on.

Wishing Bruce and Wendy all the best and thank you for being there not only for us but for everyone. What you do and how you do it has been most appreciated. Wendy’s involvement at all times was productive and necessary and in hind sight we should have engaged her earlier.

Rob Antill, Lake Macquarie

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