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I just want to thank Dispute Assist Pty Ltd for diligently pursuing my bank dispute with Citibank to a successful resolve.

Previous to contacting you, I lodged my bank dispute with the Banking and Financial Ombudsman Service . After many months of dealing with the FOS, I received a letter from them that said my: “…dispute raises complex legal and contractual issues…”, “This dispute is currently being further reviewed…” and that they were “…unable to provide you with a clear indication of when that review will be completed…”.

I felt terribly disappointed with their lack of resolve and my experience with the FOS leaves me with strong thoughts of nepotism. If I had not engaged the services of Bruce Ford I truly believe that my dispute would still remain unresolved. I also believe that the FOS lacks the intestinal fortitude to be truly effective.

Mr. Bruce Ford brings professionalism, experience and a level of expertise to the negotiation table that is rarely found in these challenging disputes. An honourable man assisting the ill prepared in an unconscionable industry.

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