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Dispute with Bank

Dispute with Bank – Testimonial by Farmer

Dispute with Bank – Testimonial by long established Farmers from Victoria

To whom it may concern,

We are long established broad acre farmers. After a sustained run of dry years and a land purchase, we found ourselves in the unfamiliar territory of being in major major difficulty with our Bank. Our nightmare has been ongoing for the last 2-3 years and is currently unresolved. During this time we used 3 separate debt/bank negotiators. With no exception, these people cost a lot of money and time and did absolutely nothing to help and possibly worsened the issues.

This was until I found Wendy Murray at Dispute Assist. From the outset, Wendy was clear, concise and realistic about what could be done. Even better than this, she listened and respected our wishes. We could tell she was thinking about our problem and cared about the outcome. Her actions were almost immediate and we feel very helpful. She has literally been 100 times better than the sum of everyone else.

My advice for anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances, would be to not repeat our mistake and call Wendy Murray first, not last.

Long Established Farmers Victoria


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