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Dispute with Bank – Testimonial of Kay Randall Solicitor


Dispute with Bank – Testimonial of Kay Randall Solicitor

I had a dispute with my bank as well as the brokers who arranged my loan for me. Even though I am a solicitor & I practised for over 8 years in financial services law, I knew I couldn’t represent myself so I engaged a solicitor to act on my behalf. I thought a solicitor would be my best option but after months of inaction & a lack of any real movement of my matter, I gave my solicitor the flick and engaged Dispute Assist and I haven’t looked back.

Wendy took carriage of my matter immediately and I mean immediately – she made more happen in terms of moving my case forward in a few weeks than my solicitor did in over 8 months. The advice Wendy gave me was really in the opposite direction from my solicitor – it was then that I realised that the advice Wendy gave me was the right advice and my solicitor just didn’t have the same knowledge that Wendy had and because of this I wasted over 8 months of my time and money.

Wendy kept me in the loop every step of the way and because I wasn’t dealing with a solicitor, every minute of my time on the phone or email to Wendy wasn’t costing me per the minute.

Wendy’s writing style is excellent and I felt my written communication to the parties was more powerful because it was straight forward and to the point and not complicated like most solicitor’s write. Her knowledge of the banking laws and regulations is excellent. I can’t fault it.

My matter is still ongoing but I have complete faith in Wendy’s ability to achieve the best outcome for me. I honestly feel like my dispute is in the best hands and at night when I worry about my finances and holding onto the roof over my head, this brings me great comfort. My advice is forget solicitors and engage Dispute Assist.

Kay Randall – November 2015

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