Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

Maurice Rissman


We were one of the many CBA/Bankwest victims.  Fraud can be described as deceit, or trickery deliberately practiced in order to gain an advantage over someone dishonestly.  Taken in these contexts, we and the hundreds of others involved were most definitely victims of fraud.  However, unlike the majority of others who lost everything at the hands of a vile and corrupt autocracy, we and our families were saved from financial ruin thanks only to Bruce Ford and Wendy Murray from Dispute Assist.

Like so many we also sought counsel from the ‘experts’; lawyers, barrister, even a QC, and all approached our crises from the same direction, and had we followed their advice we too would now be living on the street.

The experts are fine if you’ve got the cash to fund them for years of litigation, but even those that do still lose their Armani shirts; Banks love going to court, they know the law better than most, they tell Governments what to do, and Governments listen.  Banks know few people have the financial resources to see a fight to the end, we certainly didn’t, and we didn’t need to as a result of engaging Dispute Assist.

Listen to what they have to say, take their advice and listen to their wisdom; it’s based upon experience.

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