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Need Help with a Bank Problem – Testimonial by Robert Kowalski

Several years back I had been investing in Western Australian mining towns’ property market. Things were going well for me until the collapse of the mining sector there. Prices of properties dropped by nearly 75% and so did the rental income generated from them.

I found myself in a desperate situation. I began having difficulties servicing the loans. I considered variety of options, spoke to the bank, spoke to lawyers and no sound solution was in sight.

Finally I contacted “DISPUTE ASSIST” and I spoke with Wendy Murray. I explained the situation in brief and she had taken over the whole matter without delay.

I have had regular contacts with Wendy over the phone and e-mails as she was unfolding the whole situation.

Wendy has been communicating directly with the bank on my behalf the whole time. She has the skills and knowledge required to deal with complex bank issues in order to achieve the best possible result.

Wendy has also displayed understanding, great professionalism, commitment as well as diligence to follow every little detail through from the start to the end.

Although the whole process of dealing with the bank, in order to achieve a positive and compassionate resolution for me, has not come to its conclusion yet, I believe and I am confident that with Wendy Murray and Bruce Ford’s excellent negotiating skills with the banks, a desired outcome will be achieved.

I would like to thank Wendy and Bruce for their ongoing work in dealing with the bank on my behalf.

I also strongly recommend “DISPUTE ASSIST” to anyone struggling to negotiate with any banking institution.

Thank you Wendy and Bruce for your help and highly professional service.

Robert Kowalski

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