Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

Sheep Farmers


We were in a difficult financial situation due to dry seasons, low income from grain production, and live export markets slow down due to govt protocol, price of livestock plummeted from $100 per head to $35, making it difficult for us to service our bank interest.  As a consequence our Bank served us with a Notice of Default.

We spoke to lawyers to get help with the Notice of Default, and didn’t know what to do.  We did not feel so confident with the lawyer and we desired a more certain solution.  We searched online to learn of the repercussions of the Notice of Default and through our searching found Dispute Assist online.  What Dispute Assist outlined was much clearer than what the lawyers outlined and provided instant certainty.  We noticed a testimonial on Dispute Assist’s website from another farmer, which echoed our situation, so we decided to telephone Dispute Assist, still not sure whether to trust this.

Dispute Assist outlined the process to deal with our bank dispute. Over 11 months Dispute Assist has dealt with the bank on our behalf, prevented the bank from taking enforcement action and, later has helped us deal with a conciliation between ourselves, the Bank and the Financial Ombudsman Service. It would have been too difficult to do this on our own as it was extremely difficult to deal with and requires the expertise such as what we obtained from Dispute Assist in order to get a better outcome.

We are now working our way forward and have been given an opportunity to trade out of our financial difficulty which was not an option put forward by the bank until we engaged Dispute Assist. We feel we would not be here now if it was not for the help we received from Dispute Assist.

Dispute Assist has our highest recommendation.

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