Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

Stephen M Goldsworthy (Managing Director)

Goldie Marketing & Nintendo Brand Licensing Division - VIC

I am writing to you today to say a big thanks you for the support help and attention you have provided my company during the period of 06/07 financial year.

Sure this letter is a little long winded but I think it’s important for others to read – perhaps potential customers, to that end this it may help to change their lives. I hope so.

I’m sitting back in my office today pondering the thought where would my company have been today if I had not made that phone call to your office in Jan 06. One thing is for sure I don’t think I would be sitting in my office. I have finalised the 08 accounts and sent them off to my new bank, Sales up 63% profit went through the roof, we are now a truly international company. Wow and it all started in my garage 7 years ago. I think again, imagine if I hadn’t called Bruce Ford. I wonder and think to myself as I look around my office, seeing my team busily at work, on the phones writing invoices, selling product, working hard as a team, where would they have been, my people, a handpicked team, home grown over 7 years, where would they be, if I hadn’t picked up the phone to Bruce that day in January. I think about your business, and how it works, what motivates you to help others the way you do.

The financial institutions you deal with, wrestle with, go 3 rounds with, and then some, really they have no other significant opponent to take them on, maybe that’s it. There is no other specialist in disputes. Legal firms and the like may know the law, but do they know their way around internal workings of a financial institution. I think not…not after my experience with you guys. It is a David and Goliath fight, I guess they all are.. My case was not special, but you treated it as special, it was a fight for survival for what I believed in. Not just a fight to save my business, removing the emotion, the fight was about what was fair and reasonable, what was right. You achieved this for me Bruce.

Every time you call a financial institution, or write them a letter, it’s a letter the financial institution don’t want to receive, its a letter that will cause them grief, make them think and hopefully make them accountable. It’s a letter that may make them react in many ways. But mostly it’s a letter that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, unread or not responded to. It’s a letter that goes up the ladder to the department of “ oh sh*t its that BRUCE FORD again what should we do” otherwise known as the department of “We better take this seriously and listen to what he’s saying,” That’s what I found with all the correspondence over the period of time I have dealt with you and Wendy. You get a response you understand the issues and you don’t let up.

You have time for your customers, and have been a great mentor to me. The journey has been amazing. I kept thinking …the smartest thing I did was pick up the phone early, calling your office, before it was too late. Yes I thought that was probably the key. Trusting you and Wendy with all the facts the good, the bad and the ugly, yes that’s right all the cards on the table. All the dirty laundry out of the basket. Did I feel comfortable with this, am I showing too many cards. These were some of my thoughts, I trusted your judgement and knowledge. Simply there was nobody else to trust. Least of all the bank.

I got thinking, my, oh my ….what a difficult business you’re in….Nobody ever wishes to be your customer, but thousands should be. And hopefully before it’s too late. I told a colleague about your company, his business was in dispute with a bank. Similar position to my own about 12 months ago. I called him yesterday to see how he was getting along and how it turned out. I excitedly told him of my success with Bruce and inquired if he had called Bruce last year as planned… His response floored me. “I think I made a big mistake I didn’t call Bruce Ford. Lost my business 5 months ago and my house. I should have listened. Do you think Bruce can help?” My reply was solemn. “No mate it is to Late but give him a call”.

I don’t wish for anyone to be a new client of yours (not great for your revenue) but…. I know firsthand and understand the pain they must be going through to pick up the phone or send an email asking for help. It was a dark year in parts, some of my darkest hours of worry, anguish, anxiety, at times I foolishly doubted my own ability, this period in my life was something that nobody will ever understand until they got though the “financial institution mill”

Thank you Bruce and Wendy I trusted and believed, when you said to me on more than one occasion, “There is light at the end of the tunnel you may not be able to see it but it’s there.” Every day I worked with Bruce and Wendy the light got slowly, slowly, brighter, now it’s a raging fire a fire in my belly and it consumes me. I will never, never, be put in that position again by a financial institution . I learned so many lessons on the journey.

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