Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

"My wife is a solicitor and duly checked out the background of Dispute Assist and was satisfied that it appeared to do as it stated."

Supermarket Proprietor - Australia


"I am a solicitor & I practised for over 8 years. I couldn't represent myself, so I engaged a solicitor but after months of inaction,…"

Dispute with Bank – Testimonial of Kay Randall Solicitor - NSW


"Thanks to the team at Dispute Assist, we obtained a hugely successful financial resolution to our dispute and as a result we are back at…"

Pete & Co – Farmers - Australia


"Wendy took on our bankers lawyers and negotiated a result we could comply with. Wendy’s involvement at all times was productive and necessary and in…"

Complaint of Bank

Complaint of Bank – Testimonial of Rob Antill -


"We were able to successfully resolve a long standing dispute with one of the major banks due to their understanding of the banking legal system…"

Who to complain to about banks

Who to Complain to about banks – Testimonial of Peter & Antonie Hayes -


"We are very impressed with Dispute Assist’s wealth of experience, their reliability and professionalism. Wendy’s involvement has since helped us to put our case forward…"

AFCA dispute – Testimonial by Tony from Victoria -


"Fortunately your knowledge of the banking system, combined with your great letter writing and persistent attitude, ensured that we got the outcome we required. We…"

Justin and Erika Layden - NSW


"Wendy has also displayed understanding, great professionalism, commitment as well as diligence to follow every little detail through from the start to the end."

Need Help with a Bank Problem – Testimonial by Robert Kowalski -


"What Dispute Assist outlined was much clearer than what the lawyers outlined and provided instant certainty."

Sheep Farmers - WA


"We are farmers in North Queensland and had crop failures due to flooding events over the last two years. Fortunately for us we discovered Dispute Assist.…"

Still Farming - QLD


"We and our families were saved from financial ruin thanks only to Bruce Ford and Wendy Murray from Dispute Assist."

Maurice Rissman - Australia


"I did not have to talk to the bank, Wendy at Dispute Assist, took care of this all."

Consulting Company - Australia


"I would highly recommend Dispute Assist to anyone needing to deal with a complex bank dispute that requires specialist skill and knowledge in how best…"

Natasha - Australia


"Wendy was clear, concise and realistic about what could be done. She has literally been 100 times better than the sum of everyone else.…"

Dispute with Bank

Dispute with Bank – Testimonial by Farmer -


"What Wendy Murray did give us was time to step back and consider options. A frank opinion on our perception of the situation and most…"

Banking Complaint – Testimonial of Allan from South Australia -


"We first heard about Dispute Assist on ABC 7.30 Report about financial advice and aggressive lending.  We are in our 70’s and the programme seemed…"

Pensioners - WA


"We definitely want you Bruce to continue helping us with our bank dispute lodged with the Financial Ombudsman Service. We are so grateful for all…"

DB - Australia


"Bruce remained with us right until the end ensuring that no stone was unturned.  The end result meant that we were able to maintain our…"

A Rogan - NSW


"My advice to anyone who wishes to lodge a complaint to the Ombudsman for Bank Complaints or their bank, is that they should contact Dispute…"

Ombudsman Bank Complaints – Testimonial – Paul - NSW


"Bruce Ford is a one stop shop for everything involving the dispute resolution process and his valuable advice and guidance is second to none.  He…"

Richard and Di’anne - Brisbane, QLD


"Bruce Ford came recommended to me from the internal legal team of a large bank. My lawyer even said to me that with the information…"

Cameron - QLD


"If I had not engaged the services of Bruce Ford I truly believe that my dispute would still remain unresolved. I also believe that the…"

Daniel - NSW


"From my wife and myself a very special thank you, for saving our home from the claws of the Bank, which, other wise was surely…"

Mc Donnell - QLD


"The smartest thing I did was pick up the phone early, calling your office, before it was too late. I trusted your judgement and knowledge."

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