Resolving Bank Disputes for Over 15 Years

Supermarket Proprietor


I purchased a medium Supermarket business and at the time 5 banks were offering to finance.

For legal reasons I won’t go into details as to what led us to this point, suffice to say the Bank served demands upon us and elderly parents for millions of dollars to be repaid within 48 hours. I needed to protect all of us and the business, and could not let this pass.  I had very many other pressures upon me as the sole operator and could not now deal with this bank dispute as well without falling ill from stress.  I stayed up all night searching for someone who could assist us with this unreasonable situation.

I located testimonials such as this one for Dispute Assist that seemed to offer specialisation in helping the little people with these sorts of bank problems.  My wife is a solicitor and duly checked out the background of Dispute Assist and was satisfied that it appeared to do as it stated.  We were in a highly charged environment, with a lot of family emotion to the fore.  Overnight I sent a detailed letter to the address in Dispute Assists website, but only the first few lines i.e. that we had received demands from the bank actually got through.  Nevertheless, I received a call from Wendy Murray at 8am the next morning, and by 11am she had taken over the entire situation on behalf of the business, myself and my wife, and the elderly parents, had lodged a preliminary complaint with the FOS, and had a stay applied to the demands protecting us from any legal action.  Ms Murray assured us that we could leave our bank dispute in their hands, she impressed me considerably with her experience and perspective on what the bank was up to – she knew already, before I detailed the things that had occurred, what the bank did next.  For instance, she could see the bank wanted our home long before the ‘strategy’ was put or the demands served.

The bank did not play ball, and its tactics would have given us both a nervous breakdown.  It would say one thing and then write out immediately saying something opposite.  Ms Murray could see through all this noise, and became our sole agent dealing with the bank.  I never spoke with the bank again from that first day.  She was always available to us by phone, and was super-efficient in promptly responding to our concerns.  We needed time to arrange refinancing with other banks which was expectedly a protracted process.  She shielded us from the bank’s many tactics and pressuring enabling me to get on with operating the business under difficult circumstances, getting through the rigorous refinancing process, and thereby protecting our assets, business and sanity.  In the course of it she had to deal with the bank’s solicitors, with third-party solicitors, and with emotionally charged relatives who were understandably distressed.  This was an incredible service to us, and was what can only be described none other than superb.  She also identified the various areas where the bank actually had done the wrong thing and owed us money, for our claim against it, which remains in process.  However, the big picture – Dispute Assist provided us 11 months to seek and be approved for refinancing by banks that objectively saw our inherent strength and capacity to repay over time – this was the big achievement.  Ms Murray followed every detail through from the start to settlement.  What a relief!

Ms Murray continues to assist us with our claim against the bank, which is considerable, whereas it now has no claim against us at all.

We could not recommend more highly the responsiveness and effectiveness, and the all-round support that the Dispute Assist service provides in our experience.  It certainly saved our health, legal action and possible mortgagee sale.

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